Top 5 POS Tokens for staking

With steep fluctuations in the prices of cryptocurrencies, investors are in a constant dilemma and are skeptic about holding their cryptocurrencies or selling them off. The focus of the crypto space is also making a paradigm shift from mining with PoW consensus to staking using the PoS algorithm. Staking is now being considered as the best alternative and the most profitable passive income in the cryptoverse.

What’s the catch, one would ask. Is staking a fool-proof, secure solution and alternative to mining or even trading in cryptocurrencies? Well, staking certainly provides a profitable passive income, however, one should also consider a few variables before staking their coins. For instance, you may be earning handsome dividends on your staked coins, but the inflation maybe eating away the overall value of your coin, simultaneously.

So, here’s a list of 5 well-performing coins to stake (in no particular order), for all those who are apprehensive about their investment and are not willing to take huge risks. With that, it should also be noted that ‘the longer the stake, the higher is the profit’.


Livepeer proof of stake (POS) Coin

Livepeer is an open source platform to decentralize live video broadcasting, built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform is decentralized and reliable that enables video encoding by transcoders with whom token holders can bond their tokens and earn fees and newly minted tokens.

LPT is the native token of the platform, but not necessarily the medium of exchange. Broadcasters make payments using ETH and transcoders earn ETH in the form of transaction fees. Token holders holding LPT use it to stake on the network and bond with transcoders to earn the fees and rewards.

  • Ticker Symbol – LPT
  • Annual Staking Yield – 156.34%
  • Monthly Staking Yield – 13.03%
  • Current Price - $6.37
  • Available Total Supply - 13,311,201 LPT
  • Circulating Supply - 11,660,612 LPT
  • Inflation -  62.93% (Based on current conditions)

To know more about Livepeer Staking, read: Livepeer Staking Guide

EOS.IO Proof of stake (POS) coin for staking

EOS.IO is a blockchain powered protocol that imitates most of the features of a real computer such as the hardware, hard disk storage and RAM. The platform provides decentralized  storage, dApp hosting and smart contract capability for enterprise solutions to solve blockchain issues related to scalability.

The platform eliminates transaction fees and can conduct millions of transactions per second. The native currency of the platform, EOS, is an ERC-20 token that powers the blockchain protocol and enables horizontal and vertical scaling of dApps.

  • Ticker Symbol – EOS
  • Annual Staking Yield – 1.84%
  • Monthly Staking Yield – 0.15%
  • Current Price - $7.91
  • Available Total Supply - 1,012,836,253 EOS
  • Circulating Supply - 912,836,253 EOS


Tron proof of stake (POS) coin for staking

Tron is one of the largest operating systems in the world based on blockchain technology, for a decentralized internet and global free content entertainment system.

TRONIX (TRX) was a ERC-20 token but later on 2018 it shifted to  its own mainnet.
TRX can be used for credit card payments, TRON ATM machine for online transfer, purchasing tokens issued on TRON, purchasing merchandise, buying virtual gifts, obtaining energy and bandwidth, et al.

  • Ticker Symbol – TRX
  • Annual Staking Yield – 4.23%
  • Monthly Staking Yield – 0.35%
  • Current Price - $0.033549
  • Voted Balance - 7,407,835,309 TRX
  • Circulating Supply - 99,379,030,838 TRX
  • Stake Ratio -  12.29%


Tezor Proof of stake (POS) coin

Tezos is a multi-purpose platform supporting dApps and smart contracts, to manage network modifications with a combination of on-chain governance and self-correcting protocol.

XTZ powers Tezos platform through a process called baking. Signing and publishing of blocks are done through bakers who receive rewards and transaction fees in return for their deposits. The blocks are validated by witnesses and dishonest bakers lose their deposits.

  • Ticker Symbol – XTZ
  • Annual Staking Yield – 7.05%
  • Monthly Staking Yield – 0.59%
  • Current Price - $1.61
  • Available Total Supply - 799,679,410 ꜩ
  • Circulating Supply - 693,178,420 ꜩ
  • Inflation - 4.99% (Based on current conditions)


Cosmos Proof of stake (POS) Coin

Referred to as the Internet of Blockchains, Cosmos is an ecosystem of blockchains that facilitates communication between different blockchains. Cosmos aims to resolve the issues of sovereignty, scalability and usability in blockchain, enabling quick transactions and communication between blockchains within the ecosystem.

ATOM is the staking and governance coin of Cosmos. Holders of ATOM can stake them by delegating to a chosen validator on the network. Delegators may face the risk of slashing wherein the validator misses blocks or corrupts the network.

  • Ticker Symbol – XTZ
  • Annual Staking Yield – 12.56%
  • Monthly Staking Yield – 1.05%
  • Current Price - $4.52
  • Available Total Supply - 239,194,652 ATOM
  • Circulating Supply - 191,355,722 ATOM
  • Inflation - 7.15% (Based on current conditions)


Staking is certainly a profitable investment, however, it does involve risks. Therefore, one should be cautious and research before investing. The above list covers only a few stable coins in terms of risk rate, out of more than 80 coins available. Other coins provide staking rewards as well, but the rewards may be very low to consider. To compare different coins, or view statistics of other coins, visit staking calculator